Workshop in a Box - $32 plus shipping
Now you can order our workshop craft and have it mailed to your home. Each kit will include all the parts, glue, gems or accessories to create our monthly workshops at home!
Shipped via FedEx within seven days after payment is made.


Personalize your a Back-to-School Hoodie at home. Craft box includes

  • White Hoodie with specified Organization Name/Font Color

  • Owl lunch bag with specified Doll Intial

  • Pink Backpack with Doll Intial

  • Air-dry clay to make small lunch items

  • Instructions

  • Gems

  • Glue

International Workshop In a box


Choose from 5 Different

International Costumes to embellish...

with matching hair Pieces for you and your doll

Cost: $35


Options include:

  • Russian Gown

  • British Royal Guard

  • English Queen Gown

  • Irish River Dance Dress

  • German Dirndl

*Shipping included

*Item will be shipped 7-10 days after

 payment is made via UPS or USPS

*Stones/Decorations included

*Shoes not included

*For store pick up, please call to place

phone order as shipping cost is included in price


Russian Gown                    British Guard               English Queen
Irish River Dance Dress           German Dirdl